- 26.04.2025

The organizers of the Maamess have a long-standing tradition of highlighting machinery presented at the event. This year there are ten of them, which you can get acquainted with here.

Highlights are presented in alphabetical order.

CASE IH QUADTRAC 580 tractor

One of the largest tractors that works in Estonian fields. Made in America, Quadtrac's four individually controlled oscillating tracks replicate the surface relief, which reduces pressure on the ground. A powerful engine with a reliable continuously variable CVXDrive or 16-speed PowerDrive gearbox ensures efficiency and power. The large, quiet and ergonomic cabin of the machine is also noteworthy. Despite its size, the tractor has a turning radius of only 5.7 meters.

Dotnuva Baltic AS, VP-36

ELHO SCORPIO 550 SF stone picker with conveyor lint

The stone picker has a conveyor system that allows stones to be loaded directly onto the trailer. The stone picker is controlled electronically, the machine is driven by a hydraulic power transmission. Conveyors can be temporarily stopped to avoid obstacles or to change trailers. All the while, the rakes continue to collect stones, which are then lifted onto the conveyor when it is turned on again. Suitable for large fields, where it would be too much of a waste of time for the tractor to empty the hopper itself. It has not been presented in Estonia before.

A. Tammel AS, VP-2

EXA-750 trailed mini excavator

A powerful and versatile trailed excavator that can be easily transported from one site to another with an ATV or passenger car trailer. The excavator's driving front wheels provide excellent maneuverability and grip on all terrains. Thanks to its compact design, the EXA-750 can move and work in tight spaces where larger excavators cannot.

Võidu Invest OÜ, VP-516

FARMA T17 logging trailer

Designed to transport large quantities to ensure high output productivity through good cross-country ability, low pressure on the ground and high ground clearance. Despite the large load area, the trailer is flexible thanks to the 40-degree drawbar pivot angle and the trailer drive system, which can be ordered with FARMA's standard Robson as well as in-hub drive. In addition, it is possible to add rotatable load extensions to the trailer and add additional load supports as needed.

Fors MW, VP-26


A spreader with ribas technology that places slurry very precisely for crops with wide row spacing such as corn and rapeseed. The main advantage over conventional spreaders is the savings in working time and energy and fuel. In addition, the saving of valuable liquid manure, because the spreading takes place only under the seed rows. The result is a higher yield because the fertilizer is placed under the developing plant root system. With Ribas technology, CO2 emissions are significantly lower than conventional farming.

AgroFort OÜ, VP-21

FERREL 135CD multifunctional tipper trailer

Ferrel debuts the durable Ferrel 135CD tipper trailer with Palms 5.87Z lift at the Country Fair. It is a multifunctional tool with a load capacity of 13.5 tons, which is useful for field work as well as construction and forestry work. If necessary, the set can be supplemented with box extensions, a bulk bucket, load posts and a support frame for the hay roller.

Ferrel AS, VP-39

GRADALL XL3300R teleskopic excavator

Telescopic excavator that allows the use of various accessories such as guillotine, bucket, smoothing plate, hydraulic hammer, mower, grapple, etc. The biggest advantage is the extendable and swiveling boom with a length of up to 14 meters. The machine is well suited for working in narrow and low conditions. The machine presented at the fair is in a railway configuration, but it is also possible to order it with wheels or tracks and use it in the forest and in excavation and lifting works.

LooBerg OÜ / Hyvinkään Tieluiska Oy, VP-58

HAKKI PILKE FALCON 37 mobile firefood processor

Hakki Pilke's grinding machines Raven, Falcon and 38Pro are now available as mobile units mounted on a wheeled chassis. The machines can be operated with a gasoline and electric engine, as well as from a tractor. Mobile machines are suitable for the home user and the professional manufacturer. The standard includes a conveyor for bringing in trees and a conveyor for removal with debris removal. The machines have V-beltless hydraulic control, and the need for equipment maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Sike Agri OÜ, VP-116

KUBOTA DSX-W GEOSPREAD fertilizer spreader

The DSX-W Geospread model, used in precision farming and with a highly accurate weighing system, is one of Kubota's flagship fertilizer spreaders. The spreading discs of Kubota fertilizer spreaders are equipped with 8 strong spreading blades, which ensures particularly even seeding, the RotaFlow system always releases fertilizer onto the blades from a central position without breaking the granules or creating dust, and thanks to the flat spreading discs, the effect of the wind is minimal.

Stokker AS, VP-30

NEW HOLLAND T7.340HD PLM tractor

New Holland came out with a new more powerful T7HD model T7.340HD PLM. The engine cooling, engine and transmission have been changed on the tractor with a nominal power of 340 hp. This model is suitable for heavy field work as well as transport work. The T7.340HD PLM is equipped with a new cab that was introduced a few years ago and is still the quietest cab on the market. In addition, the new cabin is full of precision farming solutions that help make the farmer's life much easier and more efficient.

Tatoli AS, VP-1

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