Booths and exhibition stand construction

Based on the purpose, the choice is the following:

  • standard stand
  • standard stand + a few additional elements
  • special design stand with standard elements
  • special design solution with non-standard design elements and materials

Structural elements

We mainly use aluminium profile and white-coloured wall boards (100 x 250 cm).

Based on the design and the customer’s request, we cover the wall boards with plastic film in various colours.

Design elements

We offer a large variety of standard design elements – display stands, podiums, information cabinets.


For furnishing the exhibition stand: desks, chairs, shelves, magazine stands, etc.

Lighting fixtures and electrical equipment

Lighting fixtures and lighting solutions for standard stands and special design solutions.

Fitted carpets

Dark grey carpet tiles and roll carpet in various colours

Self-adhesive letters, decoration works

We produce plastic film letters and logos in various colours and sizes.