Ehitus ja Sisustus

News on construction and interior design

The purpose of the fair is to bring news from the world of construction and interior design and offer a high-quality seminar programme to the people of Tartu and South Estonia.

At the fair, visitors can obtain fresh ideas, see the newest solutions in construction and interior design and enjoy great fair offers. Also, the three fair days are a good opportunity for the visitors to interact with the professionals of the field.

Topics of the fair:

  • general and special construction works
  • construction, finishing and roofing materials
  • electrical equipment and thermal systems
  • water supply and sewerage
  • ventilation systems
  • security systems
  • real estate projects and developments
  • construction machines, equipment and supplies
  • planting and landscaping
  • insurance and financial products
  • tools, equipment and accessories
  • welding equipment and supplies
  • maintenance and garage equipment
  • pneumatic and compressed air devices
  • machine tools and equipment
  • measuring equipment
  • rent of tools and equipment
  • furniture and kitchens
  • bathrooms and saunas
  • lighting fixtures and household appliances
  • interior design, design and art products
  • professional literature and periodicals


Project Manager